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The picture was taken by Saul Nadler at Orange St. grade crossing on the Newark City Subway. LRVs have just replaced the PCC cars.
image/jpeg, 427x278 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 9 15:35:41 2004
No7atOrangeStreetgradecrossing.jpg    25913 bytes


Picture taken at National Railway Historical Society Convention at Grand Canyon Railway by Jim Fitzgerald now in Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 875x596 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 9 15:50:08 2004
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This is a black and white photo taken in the spring of 1968 at the Jersey Central's roundhouse in Jersey City, NJ. No. 127 was actually CPR 1278
image/jpeg, 416x305 (256c)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 10:44:07 2004
05.jpg    17523 bytes


I took this photo of CN 4-8-4 6218 on Central of Vermont Railway during 1965. It is now on display in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada.
image/jpeg, 416x290 (256c)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 10:50:42 2004
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Taken Aug 2001 in Seattle, Washington near King street Station. The Sounder Train is like a commuter train.
image/jpeg, 359x260 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 11:46:31 2004
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Taken Aug 04 at Havre Montana at station. 4-8-4 built 1930 by Baldwin
image/jpeg, 363x257 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 12:32:08 2004
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I took this picture of a Pullman built PCC car at Baltimore MD. Last car to run in regular service, No. 7407 was built in 1944.
image/jpeg, 564x340 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 12:39:38 2004
7407.jpg    23174 bytes


Pullman Built PCCs on the Ashmont-Mattapan line in Boston in the fall of 2003.
image/jpeg, 710x570 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 10 12:41:31 2004
BostonPCC2.jpg    81083 bytes


Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern RR Co 381. Built by Perley Thomas in 1930 on order #142 as Knoxville Power & Light 379 and went to Waterloo in 1948. It now runs at the Midwest Electric Railway Museum after being obtained from Iowa Railway Historical Society.
image/jpeg, 713x500 (24bit)
Last Modified on Fri Mar 12 15:54:58 2004
381Waterloo.jpg    46607 bytes


Picture taken by Bill Dunn. 3'6in gauge Queensland Railway Beyer Garratt at Toowooomba QLD. It was rebuilt by QR just for Railfan Trips. They Have 3 other steam locomotives for railfan trips.
image/jpeg, 881x579 (24bit)
Last Modified on Fri Mar 12 15:56:12 2004
QLD1009.jpg    60317 bytes


I took this picture at Hill City, S.D. in August of 2002. This 2-6-2 tank engine is the only passenger train service in S.D.
image/jpeg, 856x579 (24bit)
Last Modified on Fri Mar 12 15:57:13 2004
104Black_Hills_Central.jpg    69684 bytes


I took this picture of no. 2100 at Jenkintown, PA in 1962 on an Iron Horse Ramble. It can be found in Canada. It was on sale for $570,000 this past spring 2003. Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 970x775 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:00:17 2004
RDG2100atJenkintownPenna.jpg    136149 bytes


Taken by my wife Myrna in Baltimore MD. No 5 was painted to look like no. 5, The Wanderer, for WILL SMITH's movie "WILD WILD WEST", picture taken 1999.
image/jpeg, 900x601 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:25:08 2004
Wanderer.jpg    106472 bytes


National Railways of Mexico (NdeM) 73, taken by Alberto LaVeaga front of Railroad Station Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. It is an 0-4-2 tank engine.
image/jpeg, 1000x640 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:31:36 2004
NdeM73.jpg    85422 bytes


The Blue Baby no. 1051 (4-6-4T) at Roma Street Station in Brisbane, Queensland Australia by Bill Dunn. Built in 1951 at QR Ipswitch Shops to 3'6in gauge. It is now used for railfan trips. Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 881x602 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:33:10 2004
BlueBaby1051QRsdeview.jpg    90562 bytes


Picture taken by Steve Jeffs in New South Wales, Australia. Metropolitan Vickers Electric locomotive which ran between Sydney and Lithgow in NSW. Saul's Collection.
image/jpeg, 895x585 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:34:37 2004
VickersElectricNSW.jpg    95775 bytes


Picture of me sitting in a Peter Witt Brill streetcar in the Fall of 1955 at the Southern Depot of PTC at 20th & Johnson Streets in Philadelphia. I was only 17 years old at the time.
image/jpeg, 579x369 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:34:59 2004
PeterWitt1955.jpg    24018 bytes


I took this picture Dec. 18, 1960 Between Mendota & Galesberg, Ill. Burlington 4960 now runs on the Grand Canyon Railway.
image/jpeg, 1000x707 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:36:25 2004
CB_Q4960.jpg    78663 bytes


Picture taken by Steve Jeffs at ZIG ZAG Railway in Lithgow NSW. No. 5917 was built by Baldwin Lima Hamilton in 1952 for the Standard gauge Railroad. 3'6in gauge 1047 of the Zig Zag RR is a sister to the Blue Baby model DD17 built 1950 at Ipswitch Shops west of Brisbane QLD. Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 852x602 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:37:34 2004
5917_1047atLithgowNSw.jpg    65942 bytes


I took the shot of no. 8 in Virginia City Nevada on the Viriginia & Truckee RR.
image/jpeg, 879x587 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:38:06 2004
no5V_TRR.jpg    72141 bytes


I took this picture in the rain at Front Royal Va. It was the first trip out of Washington DC in 13 years on the Southern Railway with a Steam Locomotive. They were standing in the rain just to see the engine and train pass. I was riding on this train as it went into the passing track at Potomac Yard. All the workers stopped what they were doing to see 4501 going by, gave it a whistle salute. Some said there were over 100,000 people that came out in the rain to see the engine go by.
image/jpeg, 727x412 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:39:04 2004
4501_Oct1966FruotRoyal_Va.jpg    29716 bytes


Picture taken by Bill Dunn at Bathurst NSW April 1994. Built by Clyde Engine co (4-6-2) to standard gauge. Only Steam Locomotive to have gone from Sydney to Perth WA. Has run on many Railfan trips, they even sing songs about the "Jolly Green Giant" and it was even on a postage stamp. Some claim she is the most famous steam locomotive in all of Australia which is still running. I have many PAL tapes of it running. Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 874x583 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:39:48 2004
3801NSWGR.jpg    73900 bytes


Picture of The BLUE BABY taken by Bill Dunn near Brisbane Queensland Australia. It is used for Railfan trips.
image/jpeg, 874x586 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:40:14 2004
QLD1051_4-6-4.jpg    96568 bytes


Picture of 1925 built Orenstein & Koppel at mill yard in East Java by Bill Dunn, Aug 2002. Please check out bags of Baggese or part of sugar cane, engine burns this instead of coal or oil.
image/jpeg, 895x579 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:40:31 2004
no8_nillyard_East_Java.jpg    116628 bytes


Taken by Richard Weatherley on the South Austraian Railway. PRR T1 look-alike (5'3 in gauge) could burn coal & oil and was a small 4-8-4, only 33,000lbs tractive effort.
image/jpeg, 839x576 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:48:50 2004
520SAR_T1lookalile.jpg    67571 bytes


I took this picture, at Annapolis Md. in 1962, of B&O William Mason during Civil War holiday or anniversary. The no. 25 played The General in 1960 movie of "THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE."
image/jpeg, 1000x647 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:50:43 2004
B_O25.jpg    95669 bytes


Kitson built, around 1900, the Coffee Pot for the South Australian Railway. It runs on 3'6in gauge track at Quorn South Australia. Picture taken by Richard Weatherley. I have video of it running on the present day Pichi Richi Railway through the Flinders Range. Saul's collection.
image/jpeg, 964x509 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:51:51 2004
coffeePot2.jpg    60323 bytes


I took these pictures of 1053 & 1512, the Silver Sightseer, in Jan 1962 on the last day of streetcar service in Washington, D.C. near the capitol. They were both saved, but the 1512 was lost in a fire.
image/jpeg, 611x840 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:53:37 2004
1053_1512at_capital1962.jpg    31841 bytes


I took the picture of No. 4472 Flying Scotsman in 1971 at New York Penn Station
image/jpeg, 611x840 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 16:55:04 2004
1971NYCPENNAStationFlyingSCOTSMAN.jpg    14756 bytes


I took pictures of 611 in the spring of 1962 at Fort Eustis VA near the shop. You will see what is so special about this model S160 in the part2 photo . This engine has a "Caproetta" Valve gear. Some people call it a "Franklin Poppet Valve." This engine is now on display at TVRM in Chattanooga, Tenn.
image/jpeg, 1108x1466 (24bit)
Last Modified on Mon Mar 15 18:22:27 2004
USArmy611_part1.jpg    157073 bytes


Here is a picture of the Franklin poppet valve on US Army No. 611, S160 design. USATC 2628 was its original number. It is a 2-8-0 which was donated to Texas State Railway in 1960 and is now at TVRM after a 1991 trade.
image/jpeg, 1000x799 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:31:51 2004
USArmy611part2.jpg    77318 bytes


In the years of 2000-2002 Philadelphia was running free trolleys in Dec. Pictures show red & green cars at 40th & Filbert Streets.
image/jpeg, 741x1036 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:33:04 2004
Red_greenHolidaytrollies.jpg    110482 bytes


Moving the LRV cars to the Newark City Subway From Harrison NJ and Supor's Storage building. These trailers also have moved Washinton DC subway cars form same building over 220 miles to Washington DC. The ex-Pennsy MAIN line passes these building and they are not interested in having a siding there, shame on the railroads.
image/jpeg, 893x583 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:34:38 2004
MovingLRVontrailerNewarkNJ.jpg    68181 bytes


A-4 was in Abiline Kansas to celebrate IKE'S 100th birthday. This A-4 pulled his command train in England during World War 2. It is a sister engine to "Mallard", fastest Steam locomotive in the world. Picture taken by Duane Zimmerman of Topeka, Saul's collection
image/jpeg, 881x587 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:35:21 2004
A-4_Dwight_Eisenhower.jpg    55343 bytes


Derailment at Delware Water Gap. Point of Rocks Oct. 2003
image/jpeg, 396x268 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:39:15 2004
derailmentoftenderCPR2317.jpg    20891 bytes


On Jan 25, 2004 I took pictures of rebuit PCC cars at the Elmwood Ave Carbarn in Philadephia. They were rebuilt by the Brookville locomotve work in western Penna. The first 2 are part of an 18 car rebuilding. They will run on Girard Ave Route 15. A device on front will cause a traffic light to change at each cross street in favor of the streetcar. These cars are now Air-Condtioned.
image/jpeg, 1000x1237 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:41:32 2004
2320PCCBrookvillerebuildfront.jpg    122555 bytes


Ferdinand Magellan pullman which was custom built for use by the President of the United States.
Taken at Gold Coast RR Museum Florida.
image/jpeg, 712x311 (24bit)
Last Modified on Tue Mar 16 17:42:14 2004
USno1PRESIDENTS_car.jpg    28554 bytes


At Rough & Tumble museum Kinzers Penna. This museum has every type of steam engine car, tractor, stationary like Corliss. Most others I have on my video tapes operating. They are in NTSC, I can convert if anyone wants a PAL tape.
image/jpeg, 250x339 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:40:49 2004
AtftShayatKinzersPenna.jpg    20246 bytes


It ran close to my home at the Becker Dairy farms in Roseland NJ. It was over a mile long engine was built in 1941 it looked like a DL&W Pocono 4-8-4. It ran until 1973, a new highway 280 put it into retirement and it was given to Greenfield village where it was on display for a few years then it was sold to an investor who won't give it up. The nine inch track has been relaid in Phillipsburg NJ.
Henry Becker who created the railroad called Centerville & Southwestern just passed away at age 84.
image/jpeg, 722x258 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:48:15 2004
1501Beckerdairy4-8-4_9ingauge.jpg    46433 bytes


One of the first PCC cars built. Taken at Coney Island Shops thru the fence.
image/jpeg, 739x510 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:51:52 2004
1936PCCBrooklyn.jpg    77674 bytes


Was just rebuilt for the railfans to run on 3'6" Queensland Railway. It is a 4-6-2.
image/jpeg, 895x585 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:53:00 2004
BaldwinBuilt1943_forQldBillD.jpg    90094 bytes


Picture taken by Joe Noto of Milton NY in 1996.
image/jpeg, 897x585 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:54:02 2004
C_O614onMoodnaViaductJNoto.jpg    112648 bytes


Bullet Nose Betty CN 6060 4-8-4 taken on a railfan trip in Canada.
image/jpeg, 724x446 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 14:58:13 2004
CN6060.jpg    48214 bytes


Picture taken by Bill Dunnon a railfan trip in Queensland, Australia.
image/jpeg, 883x409 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 15:00:07 2004
BB18QRBill.jpg    61985 bytes


Taken at Flemington, NJ on BR&W. Where is she today?
image/jpeg, 642x430 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 15:03:46 2004
DL_W565_2-6-0_onBR_W.jpg    55604 bytes


Taken by Alberto LaVeaga at Museo del Ferrocarrill Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.
image/jpeg, 895x593 (24bit)
Last Modified on Wed Mar 17 15:05:16 2004
NdeM4-8-4GuadMUseoF.jpg    88440 bytes


I took the picture of Cavan Leitrim Railway No. 3, 4-4-0 tank engine from Ireland. Builders plate had unknown builder "Robert Stephenson Newcastle On Tyne 1887" It does run and is on one of my tapes.
Runs at the NJ Museum of Trans., Allaire State Park
image/jpeg, 728x507 (24bit)
Last Modified on Thu Mar 18 15:08:10 2004
LadyEdith3ftfarmingdaleNJ.jpg    85118 bytes


Loading onto a trailer instead of going on a railroad!
image/jpeg, 873x568 (24bit)
Last Modified on Thu Mar 18 15:14:45 2004
LoasdingLrvatSuporsontrailer.jpg    59550 bytes


Taken by Alberto La Veaga
image/jpeg, 895x593 (24bit)
Last Modified on Thu Mar 18 15:16:24 2004
NdeM4-8-4GuadMUseoF-2.jpg    88456 bytes


I took the picture June 2000 - Saul
image/jpeg, 727x510 (24bit)
Last Modified on Thu Mar 18 15:16:57 2004
lrv4jc-2.jpg    50180 bytes

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